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Safely Using 35 percent Food Level Hydrogen Peroxide for Ailments

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The use of 35,000-100,000 food-grade hydrogen peroxide (FGHP) is just starting to gain recognition. The greatest mistake I see is that folks are running to the drug-store or the department store and getting a lot of this stuff off of the shelf to utilize internally.

The peroxide you find at the drugstore is filled with little nasty ingredients that you do not want boating within your system.

Internal usage of standard drug-store purelivingperoxide.com is very damaging to the human body. This practice can cause short and long term effects.

You should have a food grade hydrogen peroxide, if you actually choose to utilize 35% FGHP internally. By acquiring 35% food grade HP, you are able to dilute the energy and it'll last longer.

I bring my own solution right down to a 3.0-3.5% solution by combining ½ Tablespoon (that's ½ of an ounce) to just a little over 5 ounces of distilled water. Using tap water can generally reduce the usefulness of the answer. The H2O2 use all of its strike just cleaning up the dirty water. My inner solution is diluted a lot more before use. I mixture four to five drops (according to what I am fighting) in to four to ten ounces of distilled water.

I use this option in dark glass bottles with eye droppers and atomizers for inhalation into the lungs. The latter is great for reducing the duration of a cold or flu. Actually, often it stops it before it even gets started. I take advantage of the attention dropper to accurately measure drops into clean water for ingestion.

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is acknowledged in healing cancer, flus, central infections, cysts, acne, and colds, while controversial. More folks are looking to the material to get a myriad of home cures. The results are satisfactory enough to keep studying this chemical.

Here's a listing of hydrogen peroxide 'do's and do not's' I follow as an over-all rule:

1. Never use shop bought HP internally

2. Never use internally significantly less than two hours after eating

3. Always wait a minimum of one hour after ingesting HP to eat anything

4. Prevent fats, Vitamin C, and iron before using internally

5. Do put it to use as a shower soak. Outside use doesn't react in what you eat

6. Blood pressure is raised by the internal use of hydrogen peroxide generally. Know about this before you get an interior dose.

More information would be found on this article.

As I have stated before, I'm maybe not a health care provider. I'm not giving you any medical assistance. I'm only telling you what I have done. Please study this matter entirely using every one of the medical resources at your disposal before beginning this or any medical process.


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